5 Common Cross Addictions You Should Be Aware Of

What is Cross Addiction?

#1: Gambling

  • The most obvious is the loss of money. No matter how rich a person may be, his or her pocket will still feel the sting from gambling.
  • Relationship issues
  • Work problems
  • Family problems as the continued gambling puts a strain on relations with loved ones
  • Avoid tempting environments and websites
  • Hold yourself accountable to someone. This might require you temporarily giving up control of your finances — at least until you are strong enough to fight the temptation on your own
  • Find healthier activities to replace the gambling in your life

#2: Compulsive Sexual Behavior

  • Constant sexual activities at the expense of health, personal care and other interests or activities.
  • Inability to control or reduce repetitive sexual behavior even when there are adverse consequences and the person no longer derives satisfaction from it.

#3: Shopping Addiction

  • An obsession over making purchases on a daily or weekly basis
  • Using shopping as a means to cope with stress, depression, anxiety, boredom and anger
  • Maxing out credit cards or opening of new ones without paying off previous balances
  • Experiencing a feeling of intense euphoria or excitement after making purchases
  • Buying things that are either unnecessary or have no use
  • Getting money for shopping by any means possible which may include lying or stealing
  • Feelings of remorse or guilt after shopping, but unable to stop or control it
  • Cut up your credit cards: the logic behind this is simple. You cannot charge your expenses to a non-existent credit card.
  • Carry cash only: carry a modest amount of cash with you to meet little expenses.
  • Track your spending: note every cent you spend in a journal or notebook. This helps you see clearly how you are spending and you will be able to make adjustments if necessary.
  • Have “no spending” days: have days where you make up your mind to spend little or no money at all. There is a great feeling it gives you when you know that your will is strong enough to stay away from spending for a whole day.

#4: Exercise Addiction

  • Experiencing uncontrollable desires to exercise
  • Reducing activities in other areas to make time for exercises
  • Experiencing an inability to stick with a reduced exercise routine
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms after long periods without exercise

#5: Food Addiction

Getting The Help You Need



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