Are Genetic Factors Absolutely To Blame For Alcoholism?

Do Genetics and Alcohol Have Anything in Common?

Does Alcohol Use Increase Based Solely on Genetic or Hereditary Factors?

How Much Influence Does The Environment Have?

  • Income: Yes, money does seem to be the root of evil after all. If not all evil, it is at least one of the roots of alcoholism according to this poll. It found that upper income Americans are more likely to drink than those with lower income. The study showed 78% of people with annual household income of $78,000 or more drink. On the other hand, only 45% of people with annual household income of $30,000 or less do.
  • Early Exposure: There’s a lot of evidence that shows kids who start drinking early may have difficulties stopping. They are more likely to develop alcohol addiction or dependency later in life.
  • Parental Involvement: Lack of parental supervision may increase risk. In the same vein, negative parental involvement such as physical or sexual abuse may also increase risk. These individuals may self-medicate with alcohol and other substances as a means of coping.
  • Drinking Culture: America has quite a drinking culture, and this has contributed massively to alcoholism. Happy hour is a common culture and the influence of friends and family indulging in this culture can increase risk.
  • Stress: Alcohol is a popular coping mechanism. When individuals experience difficult life events such as a death, physical illness and the like, they may use alcohol to cope and then discover they cannot stop. Work stress too can be a significant risk factor, especially for individuals in tasking professions like lawyers, doctors and police officers.

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