The Health Benefits of Spirituality in Addiction Treatment and Recovery

What Role Does Spirituality Play in Addiction Treatment?

How Does Spirituality in Addiction Treatment Help Better Outcomes?

  • Coping Skills: There are several studies that suggest coping skills derived from spirituality help in addiction. For instance, individuals battling substance abuse disorders reported that spirituality was a source of “inner strength” that helped reduce “cravings”. Spirituality was found to facilitate abstinence following treatment. It helped patients better cope with the challenges and impulses associated with disorders.
  • Quality of Life: Spirituality has been found to enhance the health and quality of life. One study that reviewed 200+ other studies found that spirituality was linked with physical and functional status, reduced psychopathology and better emotional wellbeing. Patients with strong religious faith reported higher levels of life satisfaction, greater happiness, and fewer negative psychosocial consequences, even after traumatic life events.
  • Resiliency and Hardiness: This study found that spirituality provides resilience against uncertainty and life stressors. Exemplifying the “hardiness” that characterizes people with spirituality, another study found that non-spiritual people had lower quality of life and satisfaction than spiritual people.
  • Recovery: Studies have documented the importance of spirituality to maintaining recovery. There is evidence that spirituality helps against remission among alcoholic individuals, helping to facilitate recovery and prevent relapse.
  • Protection from substance abuse: Spirituality has also been found to act as a protective factor against addiction. Some studies associated spirituality with lower likelihood of substance use across life stages.




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